Box Tops for Education


By now I am sure that all of you have at least heard of BOX TOPS FOR EDUCATION, but did you know that more than 75% of them are no longer those little squares that you cut off of boxes and send into school? NOW all you have to do is DOWNLOAD the BOX TOPS APP!!! CREATE AN ACCOUNT & SUBMIT YOUR RECEIPT!

The App will tell you how to submit your receipt, it is super simple! You will essentially be taking a picture of your receipt, the longer the receipt the more images you will take, but again, it will step you thru it. Once you hit submit, hang tight for a few seconds and you will instantly know how much money you just contributed to your school! Be sure to set up your APP to go towards SILVER SPRING INTERMEDIATE.


Can I still TURN IN PAPER BOX TOPS? YES, of course you can! Make sure they are NOT expired, save up a bunch, put into a sealed envelope, label it: HOME & SCHOOL and send to school. Soo easy!

How long do I have to scan my receipts? FYI do not wait more than a week or two, to submit your receipts on the App or they will expire.

Any questions please let us know.

Thank you for supporting SSI Home & School.